Friday, June 6, 2008

If you will indulge me...

I am reminded every once in a while that I am a Mom of 4 kids. Today was one of those days.

I got up about 6am, walked with a friend of mine. I came home.. and realized we had a full day ahead of us. Piano lessons at noon, and two doctor appointments for the boys. The lessons were fun, as I take the boys to the park and let them run amok. The girls have their lessons and we were there for an hour and a half. Its so nice to let the boys burn off energy! Then we hauled it over to the doc office.

All of the kids were with me, the two boys were getting check ups, our 5 yr old was getting 4 shots, and our 7 year old was getting his Varicella vaccine.

I thought that since the younger ones had run around, that they would be mellow. HA HA HA.... I am laughing at the experience because they were crazy. Not only were the boys in rare form, the girls were a bit squirrely. The boys... oh man... talk about "entertainment". Dr. Pittaluga was dying laughing at their antics. I could only smile and laugh too.. as its just such a typical day with them even more so today. They were showing off at what they could do. 5 yro would say ( when testing his hearing he could hear the beep) " I hear the wax moving along in there!" LMBO! Then we had to tell her about the McFly dance. We have this nickname for our 7 yro son... and its McFly. He proceeds to do this dance when we call him that. Its very menacing, full of music and sound effects provided by him of course. I am turning red as he does this. 5 yro son NOT to be outdone.. is trying to climb up out of the window.. by climbing on his 14 yro sister.

Finally, its time for immunizations. I neglect to tell 5 yro son, that they will poke him with a needle to give him a shot. He ends up waling at the top of his voice, and I calmly explained to him.. I forgot to tell you they do that when you get a shot. He looks at me and says, I am NEVER coming here again and WHY did they poke me for?!!. My bad. 7 yro son knew what was coming, he didn't EVEN flinch. Didn't cry. I was shocked.. he's the one that usually melts down. *sigh* The intern was the one that gave him his shot, that was amazing in itself.

I took all of them to a local frozen yogurt shop for being somewhat good and that seemed to help our youngest son forget about the HORRID experience.

I could write more.. but I don't want to embarrass my children too badly! lol... I just could NOT let this one go away without blogging about it.
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