Monday, June 23, 2014

Humbled beyond belief...

I’ve really been humbled, not in a bad way.. in a VERY good positive enlightened way. This week, I’ve been in a panic in a way, feeling the stress of getting this album manufactured and into pledger hands.  Feeling the stress of taking care of financial 
things, and I was feeling a little out of it... UNTIL I received a very uplifting email from Pledger Tom Foth. Tom has been watching my journey from when I tried and failed with the Kickstarter campaign a few years ago.  Back then, he believed in me and my music, and even now he is with us at Pledge. 

Why did I fail with Kickstarter? I believe it had to do with my attitude, my whole spiritual self was out of alignment.  I placed myself on a path that was destructive to myself, and I wasn’t really ready to take on a Kickstarter campaign at that time ( hindsight mind you). I had a pity party, and snapped out of it. 

In 2012, my attitude changed, I became centered within my centered spirit. Summer of 2013, I felt a vulnerability that has left me open to the changes that are happening to me this past year. It takes a HUGE amount of trust to let go, and to do something so different and scary, that this journey has taught me about myself and others. For example, this letter I received from Tom this past week, I wanted to share with you what  because what Tom wrote to me explains exactly what I am talking about: 

“I just want you to know that I've been quietly reading every word and (not successfully) trying to listen to the tracks (I want them to be a surprise!).  As I wrote before when you first attempt failed, I believe in you and your music.

You're among the best!”

What Tom said, really hit me in my heart.  Tears, came down my cheeks and I can’t tell you what that meant to me.  THIS  ^^ my friends is what music is all about.  You guys all believe in me and my music.. and I am SO humbled and thankful for your belief in me.  

Now that we are coming down to the wire, I’d really like to see us hit 200% of our goal.  Why? So that the costs to promote the album and help cover all the marketing costs. I KNOW we can do it.  So many of you have rescued me... its time for me to rescue you with this album.  Banding together, is what this has been about.   

Come on by and become part of something that will last forever.  Click here to Pre-order or Pledge today and become immortalized! - FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM

All my love,

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