Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Very Personal thoughts tonight..

I have not opened up in very long time. Mostly been keeping what is inside of my heart to myself as of late.  As I sit here, I am listening to music that is new. I am touched by all that I am listening to tonight. The strength in all of the sounds, the stories being told, is inspiring me to stay true to my path.

Production for Fire in the Rainstorm is on hold.  Am I sad about that? I can't lie, I am a little. I had plans, and they were derailed by a few things. Not that I am depressed and not complaining either. Just realizing what I need to do in order for it to happen. If the album takes a few years.. then so be it. I am not giving up by any means. I can only hope that I can get things back on track so this album can get recorded.  If you know any millionaires.. PLEASE do me a favor and send them my way!  :^P

Other things in my life I am watching play out. Watching my oldest daughter turn 18 this month is going to be hard. Already been dealing with the tears.  I myself don't feel that old.  To have her turn 18 blows me away.  She is a gift to our family, and I am so thankful that she entered our lives all those years ago. Now she is on the thresh hold of living her own life.  I often wonder if we have taught her enough? 

Then lately, so many of my friends are struggling with so much opposition. I have to wonder why so much pain and suffering is part of their lives, when I struggle with my little problems.

Then there is the positive things going on, meeting new friends, cherishing good friends, understanding the friends that need that understanding, husband that is so supportive, learning lessons that continue to help me to grow, music, concerts with musicians that are quite amazing in my book. There are the people that are silently supporting me, sending me emails, encouraging me to keep making my music. To keep taking this journey.

To have your support this way, is a gift to me.  Thanks so much for your support of what I do, whether its monetary or its emails.. just knowing that your support is there, makes me keep walking forward, not falling back...

more to come...

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