Monday, February 6, 2012

Sculpterra Winery, Paso Robles CA

Claire and I drove up to Atascadero, CA ( 15 miles south of Paso Robles) and stayed at the Carlton Hotel there.  I need to say that it was an incredible hotel.  The staff was on the level, and the rooms were pristine, and the beds were a dream.  What amazed me the most was how QUIET it was there. 

The concert was great! There were a lot of musicians that came and performed.  Thanks to Steve Key and Sculpterra Winery.  Mike Swan started out first, then Banjer Dan, both very diverse, but fun to listen to.  Then me. Well, it was fun and I was roasting.  I think I have played better for sure.  I unveiled a few new songs, then Tim Pacheco was next. I really enjoyed listening to him. 

The featured artist was Diane Arkenstone and friends, Pj Sawyer, Robb Lawrence, Colin Break, Carl Weingarten and Jeff Oster, and I believe Russell Green.  Her music is inspirational.  Talking with Diane was fun. She is very beautiful, and I admire her spirit as well. I hope to perform with her again.

The trip was an all around success to me.  Just being with Claire and having her be with me during a performance was good for me.  One of the last times we can be together this way.  I love her and appreciate the beautiful person she is.

Thanks to all of those that came out to the show, and again my thanks to Steve Key.

More to come...

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