Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer 2010

It is already June. How did the months fly by so quickly and eagerly? I do not know. I am in the midst of planning more concerts in California. Will keep you posted as the dates come.

Just FYI, every 1st Friday evening of the month, I perform at Tushita Heaven from 7pm - 9pm. If you live in the Southern California area, I invite you to come and enjoy some music, light refreshments and conversation. Always its a joy to meet so many of you that have come out to support the community and music. Tushita Heaven

I went to Boston, Vermont and New Jersey with a drive into NYC. I really enjoyed my trip. I went to Worcester for a radio interview, and that was fun. Karen Mungal interviewed me for the second time and I really enjoyed that! I visited friends in Vermont, visited friends in Jersey.. and she drove me into NYC. I must say I fell in love with the Big Apple. Next time I visit NYC, I'd like to go into the Stock Exchange for a visit. I for sure would like to drive into Pennsylvania.

Summer is a fun time for me, kids are out of school... and then we swim, go to the beach, and of course I need to get my rehearsal and composing time in there somewhere!

The KSBR Schmooze is coming up again over the Labor Day weekend. IF you are coming out to SoCal, or you live here.. I would encourage you to put this date on your calendars: September 5, 2010. I invite you to listen online for more information here on Saturdays from 5am Pacific to 9am P and Sundays 5am Pacific to 12Noon Pacific: Listen to KSBR

More to come...
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