Saturday, June 26, 2010

Judging Mrs. Utah America

I had the very fun opportunity to be a judge for the Mrs. Utah America Pageant. HOW did I get to do this? I happen to know Diane Ritter that is the Director for both the Mrs. Arizona and Mrs. Utah America Pageants. Last year, I sent 50 of my TRILLIUM albums to the contestants of the Mrs. America Pageant. So she asked me if I would consider being a judge. I of course said yes.

So, I packed up my car and my daughter Claire and we drove to Utah Thurs, stayed with my parents in St. George. Drove up Friday in the early morning and got to the Marriott Hotel. I also had the excellent opportunity on Friday to meet Kurt Bestor for the very first time. He is an excellent musician, and a great guy as well. We just had fun chatting "Live".. if you will. For 4 years we had talked on the phone, and through the internet.. and we were finally able to connect.

Claire is my personal assistant! She really helped me a lot tonight when going to the pageant. I think I would have lost my mind had she not been with me. We've really enjoyed one another on this trip as well. She is so smart and funny. Everyone that has met her has said that she is cool.. and she really is.

I met some fabulous people, all very successful in what they do.

All of the contestants were beautiful, poised and intelligent. It was NOT an easy job to choose who should be Mrs. Utah America. I wished all of them could win.. but there can only be one. I really enjoyed interviewing each woman, all were easy to talk with and I enjoyed the conversations we had. ( We were on a time limit of 5 minutes! lol)

Mrs. Utah County, Ashalon Goodrich won the title. I could not believe the Evening Gowns!!!

What was REALLY surprising was my publicist Chris Franz sings like Frank Sinatra. The man can sing!

Just some fun stuff... more to come...
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