Sunday, September 21, 2008

September - November

Ok... I have now uploaded all six songs that we have finished so far for "Trillium". You can listen either at my website or on MySpace. Links:

Kori's Website

I'll be getting ready to record Midnight and Nantucket in November . I also plan on visiting family for Thanksgiving. Is it already time to do that? Time is moving along so quickly.

The rest of this month, I will be working on A Roses Tale, Midnight and Nantucket. Hopefully we'll finish A Roses Tale in October.

My website is still under construction. We have so much to add, like a digital download shop! You'll be able to download mp3's directly from my web shop. You also be able to purchase CDs from there as well. Pete Havey is doing a fabulous job.. he's been sending me previews of the pages.. and I am extremely excited! Pete.. you da man!

iRoknNod Records website is also under construction. We are no where near being finished. Hopefully by the end of October we will be up with new additions.

More as I know it!

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