Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Schmooze

Well, I think my head has cleared up from exhaustion from Sunday’s event(s). I really had a great day. My first order of business was going on KSBR’s Morning Breeze Cruise with DJ Thornton and performing was Jeff Oster.

I was a bit nervous to get on this boat. Its called the Explorer and it launches from the Ocean Institute in Dana Point Harbor. It has been a while since I’ve been on a boat..and I wasn’t sure if I would have my “sea legs” in good order. Lucky for me, I was just fine. The waves were not that bad! I wore my waffle stomper shoes.. ie: shoes that won’t slip or slide.. they just kept me standing which was a good thing! It was SO excellent to see DJ and Jeff again. It was since March since Jeff and I worked on Dancin in the Clouds. So it was fun to see/hear him play his music on the cruise. I will be doing the cruise in October. I look forward to that. I will NOT be able to bring my beastie of a Korg onto that boat! lol... I think I will need to invest in a smaller keyboard. I am looking around for one.

We were out on the ocean for about an hour methinks.. and had a grand time. Saw the same old sea lions. BUT we did see some porpoises, I was able to film a pod of them swimming around out there. We were hoping to see a Blue Whale.. but didn’t happen. OH well there is always next time.

We came back, and then it was time for the Schmooze. WHAT an awesome event! Evran Ozan, Denise Young, John Luttrell and Jeff Oster all performed. Nope I was a spectator! I loved watching them play live. I took a lot of video with my Flip Mino camera. Its a pretty good little video camera. It does have a problem tho, zooming in takes the quality out of the picture. Something to remember.

DJ did a fabulous job putting it all together, she had some GREAT sponsors: What a Dish, Two Guys Grilling, Its All About the Cake, Amazing Grapes, Sugar Pie’s Coffee House and Bakery. Elements in Harmony, Mahi joined in and brought out some sushi, The DoubleTree Guest Suites in Doheny Beach. It was also her birthday too. Totally rockn DJ... thanks for supporting our music!!!!

Evran Ozan is amazing. This is a 15 yr old guy, that plays Native American Flute. He did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed his sound.

Denise Young came on stage and played her keyboard.. she is a lovely woman and her music reflects that. I really enjoyed listening to her play. Jeff came up with her on stage to do a song with her called “Autumn Colors” It was so beautiful!

John Luttrell came up next, he had his crew with him, Kal Drakopoulous and Robert Murray. They did a great job as well. I have heard him on KSBR’s Morning Breeze and I met him there as well. He’s a very down to earth guy and his music brings you into his world.

Jeff Oster came up with Lars Hidde and Kelly Park. I have never seen him play live, and so this was a treat for me. It was fun to hear him play and watch him play the Flugelhorn and trumpet. His style reminds me of the many times I listened to Herb Alpert when I was a kid. Of course he was one of Jeff’s influences and one of mine as well. He definitely has his own style of writing which really comes from his heart. I love it when musicians write this way. All of them that night had a magic quality to their sound. Oddly enough, I found out that Denise, John and Evran live in the area!!!! Why are we not playing more? Its all about pop and rock, but our music definitely has its own qualities that I think would be a blast to explore since there are quite a few of us living here. It shocks and amazes me that more venues don’t take advantage of us since we DO live in the area, we could give some awesome concerts. I am going to have to work with The Irvine Spectrum and get us all on stage there. I think we’d pull in quite a few people. What do you think?

I will be uploading video once its all edited and good to go.

In short, I truly felt so inspired after a very rough summer. Music wise it was great, I set a goal to finish six of the 9 songs I am doing for Trillium and accomplished that goal. Personally I’ve struggled and still am, but I know all will turn out fine. After the concert, I feel very inspired to just continue to learn and grow.

Thank you SO much for your support and your comments, emails and friendship. You truly keep me inspired.


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