Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lazy Days of August...

I have been battling a sinus infection. WHO in the summertime gets these things? Pete...DON't answer that! lol Its all your fault. :P

I am actually feeling a little better. I hope by the end of this week I'll be 100%. I get mighty cranky when I get sick. I don't like slowing down, however this thing stopped me from doing anything since Monday. I am actually feeling energetic enough to think about what I am doing this month.

August is when I feel the laziest, but that can't happen this time because I am going to Nashville to do some mixing and working on a few songs in surround sound. Blue Ice we'll be adding some really fun instrumentation to it as well. I am feeling very inspired by it.

This month also, I'll be on KSBR on Saturday August 9th from 8am Pacific to 9am Pacific. I hope you'll join us in the a.m. Because Tangled Up and Nez Perce are being previewed on the airwaves that day. So grab your favorite morning beverage, newspaper and listen in. I always have a blast when I am with DJ.

As you all know, my home life is always somewhat un-predictable. A week ago our 7 year old son called 911 - UNBEKNOWNST to us until we get a phone call from the Orange County Sheriffs Dept. About 7:30am this is the phone call we received: Me "ummm a hello?" "Yes this is the Orange County Sheriff's Department.. did you just call 911?" Me: "ummm.. what? No!" "Yes you did... do you have kids?" Me "ahhh.. yes we have 4. ( I am fully awake by now) Let me ask them." I calmly but quickly run downstairs located this wiley boy of ours and directly asked him.. "Did you call 911?" I gave him the MOM KNOWS YOU DID IT look. He tells me Yes I did. Good boy.. no lies there. "Would you please put him on the phone". Me: "Yes Ma'am". She proceeds to ream him. I get back on the phone with her. Me: "Thank you for your help". She says.."You make sure he doesn't do that again". Me: "Yes Ma'am.. no problem".

I nearly faint with exasperation. I asked him WHY he called 911. He told me he wanted to use the new phones to call someone! LOL. I said.. next time you get itchy to call anyone, please call me on my cell phone!

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