Friday, August 29, 2008


Ahhh the weekend is here. I have finally recovered from my trip to Nashville. We accomplished a TON this summer. 6 songs mixed, 3 of which are surround sound mixes and 3 of them are mastered and ready to upload onto my digital download store when we re-launch the website! Totally rockn now!

I have to thank Pete Havey, Jeff Silverman for their hard work!!!! You guys totally rock. I could NOT do all of this without your help.

Now we have 3 more songs to go, A Roses Tale, Midnight and Nantucket. I will be starting from the ground with A Roses Tale. I learned something VERY important with that song. BACK UP YOUR WORK! lol.. DON't LEAVE the computer without doing that. Whether it is music, art, writing, photos.. etc.. you do NOT want to lose your hard work.

This weekend I take a break from composing etc.. and play. Saturday will be busy with the family. Sunday I go to the KSBR Morning Breeze Schmooze which will be a lot of fun!

Enjoy your weekend and have a GREAT Labor Day!

Peace in Music,

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