Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Happy July everyone! Hunkering down for this month's insane schedule. I have myself to blame for that.. BUT I like crazy busy. Here is the lowdown:

Carpe Diem is mixed, will work on tweaking it in August.
Tangled Up, is getting mixed.
A Roses Tale is getting remixed - hurry and d/l the copy I have up for free.

My website is currently getting a facelift. I am not sure when the re-launch for it is. Its going to be fabulous. We will have our own download store using my favorite player.. Wimpy Rave! Just keep an eye out for it.

Middle of July, I am recording Nez Perce. I am hoping it all works out. Then IT gets mixed. 5 more songs to get mixed after that. I am sure you all are wondering WHEN the CD gets released. I'll tell ya when I know that with a definite date.

Ah.. one more thing, my website has a really cool widget on the front page. Its a Twitter box. Its a mini blog of sorts.. I can text from my phone what i am doing at any given moment. So you can go by and check out whatever I am doing.. sleeping, doing laundry, umm.. lets see.. working on music! ALSO on my "contact" page there is another widget.. its a shout box. You can visit that page and type a message to me and I'll be able to see it. Its like a little chat box.

OH.. and one more thing... LOL... I'm sure you noticed the new page when you visit my profile and the new photos. I am very impressed how well they turned out. Message me which one is your favorite to go on the CD cover and if I choose what you suggest, I'll send you a free copy of the CD when its released, AND mention you in my liner notes!

Thanks again for the messages, comments and support you have given me. As always..

Peace in Music,

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