Sunday, April 15, 2007

This past weekend...

I had the opportunity to play at Bliss Gallery last night. We had a HUGE turnout. Lots of good people. The venue was bringing out the emotions in me. For those of you that don't know, I play online concerts quite regularly in SecondLife. If you have NOT seen it yet. I would go over there and give it a shot. The picture I am putting here is what my avatar looks like in world.

Back to the concert. Nubian was a bit nervous.. and I was too, but she and I had the opportunity to talk earlier Saturday and I felt something from her. As she told me about a VERY personal bad experience, she expressed that things would start to get better. I decided to write her a song to incorporate into my concert. I was feeling a bit emotional anyway.. and so I worked on it.

I had NO IDEA how well the concert would go. It was like the art scene really inspired my performance. My Manager... AJ Trumbo, told me it was my best concert yet.. and felt he had seen/heard my best concert. Very exciting to say the least. I am glad we had no griefers.. ( people that like to make mischief). I am looking forward to going to Chicago and playing LIVE for the SecondLife Community Convention in August.

More to come....

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