Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Next Concert...

My next concert is on the World Stage at the MMAC in SecondLife. I look forward to this because its a concert series with my piano sponsor SZ Pianofabrik pianos. I use them most often in world. I have about 7 pianos in Secondlife, plus some flutes, and a keyboard. Yes it IS odd that I would play there.. but during the school year it is very difficult to get out of the house and play at "brick and mortar" venues.

On Friday June 1, 2007 7pm - 10pm... I will be playing my first summer "brick and mortar" concert. It will be SO much fun! The picture that I have included is from a concert I did there a few years ago. Hopefully, I have improved! So.. if any of you live in the SoCal area... come visit that night.

Peace in Music,

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