Friday, December 6, 2013

The People That Came Together - Part 1

I wanted to write about those that I asked to help with the PledgeMusic campaign. Now that things have slowed a little bit, this is a great time for me to write about this. 

Once I chose Pledge to work with, I then turned to my "internet family" for help. I asked Pat Sylvester if she would be willing to donate one of her pieces of jewelry that she has created. She went the extra mile and created something SO wonderful for the campaign. She made a special necklace called "Fire in the Rainstorm" as one of the exclusives for pledgers. Her husband also created this amazing flute bag for my Native American Flute. Pictures of their art is below. 

What is really amazing about all of this, we have ONLY connected via Facebook. I've never met her outside of the internet!! 

Pat's husband HANDMADE this!!! 

Fire in the Rainstorm Necklace by Pat Sylvester! 

My thanks to Pat and her husband!

Pat has a shop on Etsy, that you can visit!

When you pre-order Fire in the Rainstorm there are some goodies you can pick up.  I would LOVE to have you on board throughout the journey to record the album:
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