Friday, April 6, 2012

April showers...

I've been getting ready for big changes in my home life.  My oldest daughter will be leaving after she graduates in June.  She will be going to boot camp in July.  It is amazing to me she is old enough to leave home.  This is the reason why I am quiet with the blog(s) lately. 

Oh and I have discovered Pinterest, Tumblr,, fandalism ( which I am not sure I really like or not) can we have more social networks? BAH! 

What about the music?  Well, lots of interesting changes going on.  If you are wondering where you can get my music, go to and you can purchase from my shop page! ;)

I am working on the new album every day.  What am I doing exactly? Well, as you all know I am still looking for funding.  While Spock searches for funding( a little dorky humor there) , I continue to get the songs ready to record.  Waiting for this album will make it worthy of waiting.  Why? because I have learned when you work for something, even though going through set backs, and other things get in the way. Working for something you really want, will make the journey worth it.  So while waiting, I am staying productive, focused and sure that good things come to those who wait!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and new week!

More to come...

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