Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prep and Rehearsal...

Getting psyched for the KSBR Morning Breeze Schmooze on September 5th. I will be performing with Scott August, Dov, John Luttrell and Jeff Oster. Bass player Rob Murray and drummer Russ Sedat will join the fray!

These guys are all great musicians. I enjoy each of them. They all have a unique musical voice and so I am so pleased to be rehearsing with them and getting to know a few of them better.

Morning Breeze hostess Dj ( Deej ) Thornton is doing a fantabular job putting this event together.

There are photos of the rehearsals up on Facebook.

If you live in the Southern Cali area or if you just need to visit California, I'd like to invite you here to be a part of the SCHMOOZE. Just click on SCHMOOZE and it will take you to the KSBR information page. The Ocean Institute will be taking us on a cruise for VIP cruisers.

Wishing you all a spectacular summer!

More to come...
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