Friday, April 9, 2010

Segment from Today's Showcase Minnesota!

This morning started out in a flurry of action. I got up at 6am central time, 7am makeup/hair artist came and did HD make up for the TV appearance. Drove with my friend Kathleen to KARE 11 and did 3 teasers throughout the show. It was REALLY cool. Then hung out in the green room with my friend Kathleen and Lacey the make up artist. Kathleen is a long time friend of mine. Having her there with me was SO awesome. Rob Hudson came in the room ( Showcase Minnesota Host, there are two of them Corbin Seitz and Rob Hudson). Everyone made me feel at home. LIVE TV is very different from being on radio. Normally I wear my Pajamas or sweats when I am on Radio! This was a bit more dressed up for me. Lacey O'Sullivan did a fab job on hair and make up! My thanks... ( needs to get this make up off sometime soon..)

I felt VERY comfortable, played without my shoes on, and man it was cool!

Showcase Minnesota Clip

I hope you can come by and watch!

More to come...
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