Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today started with a flurry of activity.. piano lessons. A few months ago I decided to continue my musical education with piano lessons. What can I possibly learn? I want to learn the scales. Sure I know the scales from when I was younger.. but want to know the Scales, Chords and inversions. This will help me become more rooted and comfortable when someone asks me to play in A minor natural scale, I will KNOW what they are talking about. I am also wanting to make my left hand do more "talking".. instead of just plain old broken chord accompaniment. We worked for an hour.. and I am finally feeling like I can move forward in my technical knowledge. Oh and yeah.. I am going to start playing other people's music. I MIRACLE for me.. because for so long I chose to write my own music, play my own music. I never felt motivated to learn other styles.. until the last 6 months or so.

I don't want to know theory, or how to write it all out.. I want to encourage my innate natural talent to not limit my abilities to a certain key signature. I want to have the ability to compose music anywhere on the keyboard and have this ability to add it to my already "built in sense" of what works and does not. I used to be nervous about extending myself. .but I feel I can do this.

My point of all this is, always stretch and learn about things that you have always wanted to get better at, or something you have always wanted to learn!

More to come..
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