Friday, August 10, 2007


I have uploaded a clip of a song called "InSync" it will be on my album Trillium. You can hear it at Myspace. I have put a link below.


First of all.. I had to clear the 2 SecondLife Performances because I will be out of town. I am getting ready for the concert in Irvine. I am looking forward to that. After I perform, I am done with concerts until I release "Trillium". I need to stay focused on the new music. I can't do it if I am always play concerts. I do multi-task..however its overkill for me. I have a family that needs me, my music needs me!!

Trillium is coming along nicely, but I think in order to do it "right". I will look to a winter/spring release 2008. I am composing so much music that is very different from what I usually have done. You will be able to hear the many influences.

I have also worked on a temporary web page using iWeb. I thought hmmm. how hard can this be? lol. So I did it. You can take a look at it here:


Have fun! Keep in touch.

Peace in Music,

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