Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Scattered thoughts, mumbling...

Oh what a crazy weekend I had. Being a mother of four, life can really dish out some interesting experiences. 2 of our four children have chicken pox. Can you say I am climbing the wall? Its bad enough for them to have it and have them be so full of energy during all this. They want to play with friends..however, they are contagious. So I cannot let them.

I am writing this out of order... lol. Oh well, its how scattered I am feeling today. Friday June 1st was my live gig in Mission Viejo. I had fun, I knew all of the people that came. 2 friends came from far away, Ventura County and he brought his friend from San Jose.

I have to say I was quite touched that they came from so far away. A few of my friends showed up too, which was nice. I promoted this concert since February and I still have not got this concert promotion down yet. I do well marketing..but the gig stuff. You either have a huge crowd or a small intimate group. I had that on Friday. While that was fun, I would have enjoyed having a larger group. I think I will need to go to places that have high traffic coming to the venue. My friends think that I have gotten very polished in my performance. I used to perform alot in my college days.. and so one forgets the many facets of the live gig. I know at BB Kings I was green... however after more than 30 concerts online I feel I have hit my "groove". I am working on more venues in the OC area. We'll see what happens. I will announce more venues and dates as I get them.

One thing I have learned is not to set my expectations high. I invite people to concerts, but have learned to to count on them showing up. You do what you can and then rehearse and then have the concert. I enjoy performing, its good for me to get out and do my thing.

I hope to do more..but I am not pushing myself. I realize I have a limit as to what I can do. I feel I need to chill out and relax. Part of me wants it all right now, this second.. and the logical part of me is very glad I am not in the public eye yet. I am small fry and I understand that. There are so many of us vying for fame. I did not do this to obtain the fame. I did it to share my musical soul with everyone. So when I get frustrated because I am not getting what I want right this minute, I take a deep breath and remember my goal(s).

Anyway.. musings.. ramblings, scattered thoughts...

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