Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Summer is coming rapidly. I find myself working on getting concerts in the local music scene here in Orange County. You would think that there would be a demand for my genre of music.. since there is a HUGE fan base for New Age/Electronic music. I've been snubbed by many local places as I need to bring 'em in! Even the local newspapers snub me when I contact them that I am having a concert or an upcoming release of music. I have heard that the local scene is tougher on musicians... I never really thought it could be so.. until I started talking to local venues here. To have played at BB Kings... in LA was an awesome opportunity last summer. Its something that I let people know that I've played there.

I will be going to Chicago in August to perform for the SLCC Convention being held there. I am looking into playing at other venues in the area before I play and after I play on stage for the convention. I am guardedly optimistic. I know it will help me garner more fans and I will be able to meet current fans. I know it will help with my performances too. I've played over 30 concerts in SL now and I really feel like I've gotten my "groove".

Now.. my website is currently under a total "face lift" . I am looking forward to it. My friend Pete is helping me on this. He's really good at what he does... so keep on the watch for when I start talking about it.

Last of all.. I want to invite you all that live in the California/So Cal area to my performance at Moxie Java Cafe on Friday June 1st, 2007 from 7pm -9:45 pm. I hope you can join me there! I am so looking forward to it.

Peace in Music,

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